The log from the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck

“Some creative things had happened, a real tempest in our small teapot minds. But boiling water still produces steam, whether in a watch- glass or in a turbine. It is the same stuff-weak and dissipating or explosive, depending on its use. ..There was some quality of music here ,perhaps not to be communicated , but sounding clear and huge in our minds…Below in the hold, packed in the jars, were thousands of little dead animals, but we did not think of them as trophies, as things cut off from the tide pools of the Gulf, but rather as drawings, incomplete and imperfect, of how it had been there. The real picture of how it had been there and how we had been there was in our minds, bright with sun and wet with sea water and blue or burned, and the whole crusted over with exploring thought. Here was no service to science, no naming of unknown animals, but rather-we simply liked it. We liked it very much.”

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