Science as a candle in the dark

Finally read “Demon hanunted world” by Carl Sagan. I had borrowed it from the library earlier, but for lack of time had to return it unread.
As I was reading this book now, I find myself nodding in agreement over every other sentence-“he’s so right, that’s exactly right, and what a beautiful way of putting it too!”
Some quotes from this wonderful book from a wonderful man.

Carl Sagan about Linus Pauling
“In all this time he continued to work for peace and amity. When Ann and I once asked Pauling about the roots of his dedication to social issues, he gave a memorable reply:”I did it to be worthy of the respect of my wife,” Helen Ava Pauling.”

“…the cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.

“In his celebrated little book On Liberty, the English philosopher John Stuart Mill argued that silencing an opinion is “a peculiar evil.” If the opinion is right, we are robbed of the “opportunity of exchanging error for truth”; and if it’s wrong, we are deprived of a deeper understanding of the truth in “its collision with error.”
If we know only our side of the argument, we hardly know even that; it becomes stale, soon learned only by rote, untested, a pallid and lifeless truth.”

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