A Collection of Holes Tied Together

I recently read “Flaubert’s Parrot” by Julian Barnes and was kicking myself for not having read this guy earlier. More than once, I gave his books a pass in a book sale.
The language he uses is simple delicious.Sample this:

“You can define a net in one of two ways, depending on your point of view.Normally, you would say that it is a meshed instrument designed to catch fish.But you could, with no great injury to logic, reverse the image and define a net as a jocular lexicographer once did: he called it a collection of holes tied together with a string.”
or this:
Instead he learned that life is not a choice between murdering your way to the throne or slopping back in a sty ; that there are swinish kings and regal hogs; that the king may envy the pig; and that the possibilities of the not-life will always change tormentingly to fit the particular embarrassments of the lived life.

Julian Barnes now sits pretty much near the top of my “to-read” list.


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