I start the week knowing next to nothing about a topic. Come Friday, I can write a post about my (new found) understanding of this topic. This is the happiness for which I chose to do Phd-to experience this joy every day of my working life, and to be paid for it. And also in the hope that at the end of it all, I will know something, that nobody knew before me.

And books, blessed books! Does anyone love you more than I do?

The world-wide-web. I have written earlier about the kindness of the unknown people, sharing their wisdom, giving their time and effort into throwing a little more good stuff into the web . Makes me believe in humanity again!

That brings me to the reason why I am writing here: most of all to help me remember the new things I learn. But also in the hope that if I am wrong, some kind stranger who stumbles upon these (unlikely, I know) pages will let me know, and if I am not wrong, then some lost soul will find a wee bit of help.

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