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Making sense of Statistical tests

As I mentioned in a post earlier, I stumbled upon this marvel of a book “The Geometry of Multivariate Statistics” by Thomas D. Wickens. It contains the best explanation of¬†Statistical tests I have come across; actually the only explanation I … Continue reading

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Just finished reading a short and sweet book by William W. Cohen: ¬†“A computer scientist’s guide to cell biology : a travelogue from a stranger in a strange land”. As a student of applied mathematics, wanting to “belong” to the … Continue reading

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How the mind works

Phew! Just finished this book by Steven Pinker. It was long and it took me a while to read it but boy, was it a rewarding read! I could not believe that it has been priced at $17.00! Surely it … Continue reading

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Why variance in model and residual add up the way they do?

a. Standard deviation of a centered score . Hence if one thinks of the variable as a N-dimensional vector then the standard deviation corresponds roughly to the length of the vector. b. When you regress y onto x, there is … Continue reading

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